3 abr. 2016

comfort zone

been feeling quite useless lately so I had a trip to the comfort zone and brought these guys from it. They helped :)

Agumon was actually the one that got my self-confidence down in the first place earlier today but I wouldn't ever be mad at him.

14 feb. 2016

Animal City

I've been allowed to show some concept and renders I did for a small project that we sartted in Omnidrone and was finally cancelled. Loved working on the little guys :)


first sketches

pangolin, koala, owl, elephant

penguin, platypus

tiger, turtle, sloth

houses, animal heads and props renders, in Blender
On a side-note, it was a nice chance to use Krita as a painting aplication in production for the first time. It was also a (not so nice) chance to test the animation tools from Cocos which turned out to be quite clunky at the time (about a year ago). Nice experience overall :)

31 oct. 2015

#inktober final batch

I almost made it on 31st :)

#castanyada is the traditional catalan celebration on october 31st

24 oct. 2015

inktober 3rd batch

some more #inktober uploads :)

the last one is actually from today. I happened to find a group of girls drawing at the park near my place and just joined them. The one in the picture was unaware :P

23 oct. 2015

inktober 2nd batch

from day 8 to 13 :) Yes, I'm posting them late, but the point is doing them :P

Hopefully they'll all be online on Oct. 31st

3 abr. 2015

Xinxilles because yes

For the draw for animals page: https://www.facebook.com/DrawforAnimals?fref=ts
Applying some stuff I learned recently.