30 dic. 2014

Mad Max: Fury Road light study

About time for me to do this. Both color/light study from a movie frame AND something from the MadMax-verse. About an hour

ref used: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/236790892882213757/

3 nov. 2014


This is my contribution to #inktober 2014. It was suposed to be posted day by day, but I'm a rebel :P
It's meant to be read bottom to top. And sorry for the quality of the image, my scan-fixing abilities are far from perfection :/

Please start here xD

20 abr. 2014

Draw for Animals 1

Here 3 illustrations for the Draw for Animals facebook page, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescue and take care of abandoned animals. The 4th is a piece of the first of the next 3

12 mar. 2014

Some 3D assets

With their respective previous concepts! Both were made in one day each (from mid-day to mid-day with a few hours for sleep). Learned and consolidated some lighting/texturing and Blender's sculpt and texture paint tools. Very well spent hours!

I aimed for a lowpoly, mobile/tablet game style.

dwarf maze. Aimed for a WoW/LoL midpoly style.

dwarf watch point (one texture lacking) Aimed for a lowpoly, mobile/tablet game style.

All textures are handpainted directly on blender. There is also no baked light nor any special illumination setting, just plain ambient light with no AO, all comes from the handpainted base color and i'm quite proud of it :P

8 mar. 2014

moleskine fun goes on!

Here comes a little update on my Sergio Toppi inspired experiments! Hope you like them!

Only the girl face has pencil underneath, the rest are all planification/improvisation exercises, directly made with ink the pens.

tons of fun

successful experiment + unsuccessful experiment

13 feb. 2014

Daily Spitpaint

Well... I think I'm finally doing things worth showing. These are 30 minute illustrations from several given topics at the Daily Spitpaint facebook group.
I surpassed the 30 minute deadline more than a couple of times and I'm not proud of that, but I'm learning A LOT through this quick paintings.

I try to take the most advantage of doing them, and so I focus on a weakness of mine at a time (mostly light values and colour this last ones). Great exercise. At the beginning the time constraint is a paint but it forces you to stay focused on the base and the big elements first and avoid innecessary detail.

guardian temple
broken heart

old barbarian
tobots in the mist
scary canyon
wish it was truly scary xP

This also gives me the oportunity to test diferent stylistic approaches and try to find my own. And It's fuuuuuuun :D

8 feb. 2014

The summoning + Door of Dreams (AKA: had fun, don't ask me what it means)

Had a great time doing this one. Focused on composition, values and volume/perspective, and a little storytelling. Only a little.

Hope you like it!

5 feb. 2014

African masks + Toppi = inspiration

 So... last friday we went with some friends to an african ambiented bar. I happened to carry my new acordeon-like minimoleskine and the pen pack and got inspired. I did the left side of the first scan there and the rest as I found the time.

Had a lot of fun emulating the style of the master Toppi and trying new things (specially in the last one).

Also I did no pencil sketch, it was all mental planning and improvisation. A great exercise!

2 feb. 2014

fire dancer! :D

wanted to make another one for ages. Since the last one in fact ^^'
Hope you like it!

27 ene. 2014

GlobalGameJam Barcelona 2014 - Totem Trouble!

So I did this models and concepts for the GGJ Barcelona this past weekend with three other talented people. Tomàs Laniado is the name of the other artist I had the pleasure to work with. You can visit his online gallery here.
The programmers were two of the founders of LinceWorks, a young and promising indie studio and ex-classmates of my own at MCV: David León and Álvaro Muñoz.

A great experience and an honor to compete with and against such great people and ideas!!
You can play our 48 hour of effort here! WASD+F, arrows+left_Shift and two controllers to play a 4v4 crazy battle. We used Unity + Blender + Krita/PS

Hope you like the stuff:

there are 4 different masks. I did the concept for 3 of them and modeled this two.
this took about 4-5h to complete, including texture (can't remember how much exactly because I slept about 5 hours of 48 and am still confused)
this is the base body and blowgun that all four characters use
powerups for speed boost, 3 second "freeze", wall up, machinegun shot and colour explosion. These were made and put literally in the last 10 minutes and have a little particle effect.

Mask concepts:
many of the designs we discarted. We inspired these in african masks from various tribes and a little bit of precolumbian art