27 ene. 2014

GlobalGameJam Barcelona 2014 - Totem Trouble!

So I did this models and concepts for the GGJ Barcelona this past weekend with three other talented people. Tomàs Laniado is the name of the other artist I had the pleasure to work with. You can visit his online gallery here.
The programmers were two of the founders of LinceWorks, a young and promising indie studio and ex-classmates of my own at MCV: David León and Álvaro Muñoz.

A great experience and an honor to compete with and against such great people and ideas!!
You can play our 48 hour of effort here! WASD+F, arrows+left_Shift and two controllers to play a 4v4 crazy battle. We used Unity + Blender + Krita/PS

Hope you like the stuff:

there are 4 different masks. I did the concept for 3 of them and modeled this two.
this took about 4-5h to complete, including texture (can't remember how much exactly because I slept about 5 hours of 48 and am still confused)
this is the base body and blowgun that all four characters use
powerups for speed boost, 3 second "freeze", wall up, machinegun shot and colour explosion. These were made and put literally in the last 10 minutes and have a little particle effect.

Mask concepts:
many of the designs we discarted. We inspired these in african masks from various tribes and a little bit of precolumbian art