13 feb. 2014

Daily Spitpaint

Well... I think I'm finally doing things worth showing. These are 30 minute illustrations from several given topics at the Daily Spitpaint facebook group.
I surpassed the 30 minute deadline more than a couple of times and I'm not proud of that, but I'm learning A LOT through this quick paintings.

I try to take the most advantage of doing them, and so I focus on a weakness of mine at a time (mostly light values and colour this last ones). Great exercise. At the beginning the time constraint is a paint but it forces you to stay focused on the base and the big elements first and avoid innecessary detail.

guardian temple
broken heart

old barbarian
tobots in the mist
scary canyon
wish it was truly scary xP

This also gives me the oportunity to test diferent stylistic approaches and try to find my own. And It's fuuuuuuun :D

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